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I Aspire is our motto. Respect is our job.

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Welcome to 2K

Your teacher is Mrs Tess Kleppen


Children respond positively to having set boundaries and accountabilities, as such 2K have implemented a range of job responsibilities, including ‘messenger', 'operator' (telephone answering), ‘security', ‘computer technician', with the most popular role being the "substitute", where the substitute is in charge of the whole class when Mrs Kleppen is otherwise busy. Each week students vote for the roles they prefer and have not already been allocated, allowing all students the opportunity to experience every role.

2K aims to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, where students are encouraged to use their voice in a positive and constructive manner. The school rules are actively taught and reinforced within the classroom and around the school.


Important days to remember:

Monday         Science with Mrs Curuana

Tuesday        Computers

Wednesday   Library

Thursday      Maths with Mrs Tutauha

Friday           Sport


Home Readers are changed daily by our wonderful parent helpers – Thank you!!!


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