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Guliyali Preschool


Guliyali Preschool is a Department of Education and Communities designated Preschool. We offer a service that is affordable and accessible to all families and promote and encourage parent/child/community participation. It operates Monday to Friday with 2 alternate programs. Families are offered the program more suited to their needs after enrolment details are collected, considered and processed. Our program follows the National Early Years Learning Framework with the ideals of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming' as corner stones of all our work with children. Our program is designed to empower young children, to help them celebrate diversity and enable them to create, experiment and develop understandings and skills through play. 

The aim of Guliyali Preschool is to extend and enrich children's learning during their last year before starting and through their transition to school. The role of all staff is to encourage children to build on existing understandings and extend opportunities for learning new skills and developing interests. Our classroom and outdoor environment are welcoming and well-organised spaces designed for play and investigation. 

The learning centres / play spaces are carefully arranged to promote inquiry based and active learning and are based on intentional learning outcomes expressed within the Early Years Learning Framework. Our program allows for flexibility and caters for the children's emerging interests in all curriculum areas. Play is seen as a medium for learning and development. It acknowledges the child as capable and resourceful and allows the educators to follow the National Guidelines through a planned and emergent curriculum.  

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