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Guliyali Preschool



Guliyali Preschool is a Department of Education and Communities designated Preschool. We offer a service that is affordable and accessible to all families and promote and encourage parent/child/community participation. It operates Monday to Friday with 2 alternate programs. Families are offered the program more suited to their needs after enrolment details are collected, considered and processed. Our program follows the National Early Years Learning Framework with the ideals of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming' as corner stones of all our work with children. Our program is designed to empower young children, to help them celebrate diversity and enable them to create, experiment and develop understandings and skills through play.


The aim of Guliyali Preschool is to extend and enrich children's learning during their last year before starting and through their transition to school. The role of all staff is to encourage children to build on existing understandings and extend opportunities for learning new skills and developing interests. Our classroom and outdoor environment are welcoming and well-organised spaces designed for play and investigation.


The learning centres / play spaces are carefully arranged to promote inquiry based and active learning and are based on intentional learning outcomes expressed within the Early Years Learning Framework. Our program allows for flexibility and caters for the children's emerging interests in all curriculum areas. Play is seen as a medium for learning and development. It acknowledges the child as capable and resourceful and allows the educators to follow the National Guidelines through a planned and emergent curriculum. 


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I am an Early Childhood/ Primary teacher who began my teaching journey six years ago. I was bright eyed and fresh from school – and I have never looked back. I spent three years of my life living in the United Kingdom teaching as a permanent Emotional /Behaviour Disability teacher and was the whole school Mathematics Coordinator. I travelled to countless countries with my now husband and experienced many cultural traditions and beliefs. These life journeys are what have shaped me as a teacher today and I am very thankful that I get to share these experiences with my students!


I am an educator who is striving for nature pedagogy to be the norm in all Early Childhood settings. I believe that we all need to see the children as representatives for their own destiny. I love the way all children look at our world! I enjoy sharing in their wonder and curiosity about their surroundings. The sparkle that lights up in their eyes as they create a city from sticks and pebbles, write their name on the leaves or make mud pies in the dirt on a rainy day, it is nothing short of inspiring and magical. They’re making new discoveries of the world around them. It’s just this, these experiences that are allowing our children to build on their philosophy of life. These magical moments in our children’s lives are what have driven me in my work to be the best educator I can be for my students and their families.


I have a passion for exploring the world and learning about new cultures and beliefs and have always had an affinity with being outdoors getting my hands dirty out in the garden, grass stained knees, walking along the beach with the sand between my toes, swimming in the ocean and not knowing what is around the corner. It is these memories and life experiences that help me to influence the opportunities I provide for the children I teach.  I am committed to learning in nature and enabling children to be the agents of their own destiny.

                                            “Be free, create, explore, get messy, laugh, run & trust.”

                                                                                      - Mrs. Lavers  






In 2017 I joined the Guliyali Preschool team having previously assisted at Woy Woy Public School for over a decade as an School Learning Support Officer working with children with special needs.

Last year was a busy year where I studied my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care at Ourimbah TAFE using my knowledge and newly learned skills in the workplace.  It has been such a pleasure working in Guliyali Preschool in 2017 and 2018 with my passion for working with young children growing every day.

The Guliyali Preschool philosophy has played a crucial role in my own understanding of early childhood.  Working with an amazing team, implementing the Early Years Framework and National Quality Framework has underpinned my own personal philosophy.  This year has been particularly exciting with the completion of the outdoor playground.  My strong belief that the environment is the third teacher (parents first, educators second) is reinforced by our beautiful natural environment.  So many glorious moments of discovery as the children explore our recycled adventure playground, musical area, tee pee, sandstone sand pit and our adorable chickens, Coco and Vanilla and rabbit Pam who visits from time to time.

When I see a child has had a moment of learning, I remember what a privilege it is to be part of your child’s journey for just a short moment in time.

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves mark.”                                                                                     -Mrs. Arnot



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