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I Aspire is our motto. Respect is our job.

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address Blackwall and Park Roads
Woy Woy NSW 2256

telephone 02 4341 3555 02 4341 3555

fax 02 4344 3927 02 4344 3927

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Over the next 4 years we are working hard to keep up with educational change with the intergration of technology in classrooms. We currently have just under 100 laptops being rollout acorss the school. 

New technologies are transforming the classroom....

Students of the 21st century have taken to the changes with ease. Technology is so integral to everyday life outside of school that it’s only natural to be navigating touch-screen laptops. 

A new era of education

Research shows the use of laptops in the classroom has a multitude of educational benefits. One study by software company Microsoft, whose software suite features on the laptops, found that the use of personal computers in the classroom increases students’ motivation and fosters a more positive attitude toward studying.

The changing classroom

While the laptops are moving the classroom environment into the future, there is still some way to go in developing electronic teaching resources and understanding how to maximise student use of the technology in lessons.