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The revised policy is not a "no homework" policy. It is a shift from the expectation that homework is methodically assigned on a regular basis with recommended time allocations, to work at home consisting of nightly reading and use of the Mathletics program at the parent's discretion. 


The revised policy includes the following points:

- Reading for pleasure should occur on a nightly basis.

- Students in Stage 2 and 3 may receive one research task each semester

- Students are encouraged to use Athletics program at home

- Students are encouraged to practice their typing skills using https://www.typing.com/




The School A to Z app has been created by the NSW Department of Education to help parents and their school-aged children, wherever and whenever they have homework and study questions.

It's available free for Android and Apple mobile devices, and is an essential tool containing:

English A to Z - more than 350 definitions of commonly used English terms from primary and high school. Each word has an easy-to-understand definition based on the current school curriculum, with illustrations and help sheets explaining the rules of grammar.

Maths A to Z - nearly 300 definitions to help you understand what is happening in your child's classroom plus illustrations, help sheets and 'how-to' videos.

Assignments: Does your child have an assignment due soon and doesn't know where to start? Assignment starters for common classroom topics and themes point you in the right direction.

Technology A to Z: Technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace and it's not always easy to keep up with the latest trends and terminology. Technology A to Z explains these terms in language you can understand.

Spelling Bee: Does your child need to practise their spelling? The Spelling Bee game provides hours of spelling fun for children of all ages. There are three levels of difficulty and a leaderboard to track progress and improvement. Children can even load their own weekly spelling lists into the game for practise and revision.

Maths Monkey Times Tables: Most children can use some extra help with their times tables, and the Maths Monkey Times Tables challenge makes it fun.


School A-Z The School A to Z app contains the following features for parents and children.