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Welcome to 4-6G.

Your teachers is Mr Graham.

In the senior ED class we have 7 students with moderate to severe emotional  needs.  We attend school between 9:00 and 2:00pm, 5 days per week.  We achieve high levels of academic achievement in all areas of the curriculum through our individual learning programs, practical lessons and learning from our environments.  The Individual Learning Programs focus on literacy and numeracy with particular focus on reading, writing and basic fact maths.  The morning session also teaches our students positive work habits, how to ask and receive assistance from others and resilience toward difficult jobs.  The practical lessons focus on other Key Learning Areas such as science, history and maths strands.  We particularly enjoy our creative arts time, this assists us to express ourselves in positive and creative ways.

We have a significant focus on behaviour and social/emotional wellbeing toward each other and ourselves as well as, the wider school community.  We achieve this through social games, group time discussions and spontaneous learning after play times.  We particularly enjoy our role playing social skills lessons, where we learn about empathy and sympathy with other members of the school community.  The main class rules we focus on are:  Be Safe and Be Happy.




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