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Religion and ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Approved providers deliver these, where available.

Write to the school if you wish to withdraw your child from special religious education, sometimes known as scripture. Special education in ethics is an option for your primary-age child if you withdraw them from special religious education. For more information, visit Religion and ethics.

Scripture lessons are scheduled to begin in Week 5 (Wednesday, 24th February). 

Lessons for students in Years 3-6 will be held each Wednesday between 9:00am and 9:30am. Lessons for students in Years K-2 will be held each Wednesday between 9:30am and 10:00am.

The options for Special Religious Education (SRE) are as follows:

1. Combined Christian scripture (teaches a general Christian message)

2. Catholic scripture (follows the teachings of the Catholic faith)

3. Non-scripture (for students whose parents don’t wish them to attend either of the first two options)

NB. Special Education in Ethics (SEE) classes will not be available because of a lack of interested and available teachers. If you would like to become an Ethics volunteer teacher, please refer to the Primary Ethics website for further information.

The names of the curriculum used by the Combined Christian scripture are CEP Beginning with God (Kindergarten) and Godspace (years 1-6). The correlating websites are cepconnect.com.au and godspace.org.au. Both of these websites allow parents to view the curriculum and access sample lessons and activities.

The Catholic scripture group follows the Walking with Jesus program, based on the Diocese of Broken Bay K-12 Special Religious Education Foundations and Syllabus document. Parents are able to view the curriculum, lessons and resources at https://www.bbcatholic.org.au/parish-community/ministries/ccd/curriculum