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We are very excited to be commencing our ‘Zones of Regulation’ program in week 2. The focus of the first lesson introduces students to the four ‘Zones of Regulation’ (©Social Thinking, 2011). Using images of various feelings, students learn to identify the four ‘Zones’, which are the foundation of the program. Students work on increasing their vocabulary of emotions and recognition of facial expressions.

How can you help?

• Use the language and talk about the Zones your child has experienced across the day. You might like to keep a copy of the Zones somewhere at home which is handy to refer to as your own ‘check in’ system. A visual of the 4 zones will be sent home to support understanding.

• Help your child gain an awareness of his or her Zone and feelings by pointing out your observations ie, “I can see you are frustrated, you are in the yellow zone”

• Encourage your child to share his or her Zone with you and help them to become comfortable using the language to communicate their feelings and ways they can respond accordingly

• Model how you feel - what Zone you would be in and what you will do to regulate your emotions

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