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Interactive Smartboards

Interactive Whiteboards Enhance Classroom Instruction and Learning

Although the first interactive whiteboard was released in 1991, however it has only been in the last several years that interactive whiteboards have become a must-have tool in K-12 classrooms. New emphasis on developing 21st century skills for students, the requirement for educator proficiency in technology, and research documenting increased learning with the use of interactive whiteboards have encouraged its implementation.

A teacher can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match items. Another teacher might integrate multiple items into a lesson plan such as websites, photos, and music that students can interact with, respond to verbally or even write comments on the board itself. Image size and placement can change with a simple touch to the screen. This technology makes the one-computer classroom a workable instructional model. Imagine taking a class on a photo safari to Africa complete with embedded videos, animal sounds and mapping software.

At Woy Woy Public School each classroom has an interactive whiteboard. Offering our students with a vast area to learn and explore many of these technologies while also acting as an independent space for learning, sharing and collaborating. We can foster their creativity, independence and problem solving. The interactive whiteboard opens amazing possibilities to us and our students.