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What to bring to Preschool

What to Bring to Preschool

"All Dressed Up & Ready For School!"

….What should you wear to Preschool….


  • Bucket or Legionnaire-style hat (our school hat can be purchased from our uniform shop which is open every Wednesday morning from 8:30am until 9:00am)
  • T-shirts or dresses with sleeves that cover the shoulders
  • Longer length shorts
  • Appropriate footwear that covers the top of the foot and have Velcro closures to encourage self-help skills



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x Singlets

x Tank-tops

x Strappy Dresses

x Short Length Shorts

x Long Dresses & Skirts

x Loose Cords

x Belts

x Jewellery that can get caught while playing

x Thongs 

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Label, Label, Label EVERYTHING!



…Making Lunches For Preschool…

It's as easy as 1..2..3…


1 Healthy Food Choices…

  • Tortilla Wraps (they can be filled with your child's favourite salad items and ham, tuna, salmon, cheese or devon)
  • Sandwiches with basic toppings like vegemite, honey, cheese spread or even fish paste
  • Mini yoghurt tubs or tubes
  • Cheese or Cheese-sticks
  • Fresh Fruit (you will need to wash and cut your child's fruit and pack it in easily opened containers)
  • Mini Muffins (avoid chocolate)
  • Rice Crackers, Rice Cakes, Vitawheats or Corn Thins
  • Water Bottle 


x Chocolate

x Lollies

x Sweet Biscuits

x Dairy snacks/deserts (these are full of sugar, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours)

x Chips

x Nuts and nut products or items that may contain nuts

x Muesli bars and other snack bars (contain large amounts of sugar and fat) 


2 Label Everything…

  • Use permanent markers on packaging, small containers or zip lock bags
  • Use labels purchased from "Stuck on You or "Identity Direct"
  • Use a label marker to print your own labels

3 Keep it Cool…

  • Pack in a good quality insulated bag
  • Add a small ice brick (purchased from any departed store or supermarket)
  • Include a small drink bottle containing water only
  • Food that needs to be reheated must be placed in a clearly labeled plastic or paper bag and put in the fridge in the Preschool kitchen. Notify teacher.