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I Aspire is our motto. Respect is our job.

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Our Philosophy


Guliyali Preschool’s philosophy is reviewed and produced each year with the input from our families and community. All families and community members are offered a eucalyptus leaf to use and record a word or phrase relating to the preschool that is meaningful to them. These reflections provide direction and understanding during the annual philosophy review and ensure that the voices of all have been heard. 

The Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework guide our program and practices. Children develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming as they engage in long periods of uninterrupted play-based learning.

Educators believe the natural environment is full of valuable learning opportunities and allows children to BE in the moment. We support the children as they make the connection between the natural environment and begin to learn and appreciate the world around them. We believe a lot of learning happens in nature and we pay gratitude to the nature surrounding us. At Guliyali, we engage in various weekly excursions to the natural environments throughout our community as we link the current learning themes with the children's interests.

We enact the holistic approach when caring for each child and recognizing their independence, sense of agency, and uniqueness. We commit to providing unique and personalized care for each child and provide them with endless opportunities to play, explore, wonder, and learn by caring educators. Our curriculum decision making contributes to each child's learning and development in unison with the Early Years Learning Framework.

We provide an inclusive environment where children’s self-expression is respected. The children are provided with opportunities to develop a strong sense of wellbeing, connection and BELONGING which empowers them to develop to their highest potential.

We provide children with the tools to flourish and develop the skills to BECOME strong, confident and successful individuals.

We value the importance of developing trusting, nurturing and loving relationships with the children and their families. Through forming these strong relationships, the Educators at Guliyali Preschool get to know the children on a personal level allowing the children feel safe and secure. We acknowledge working in partnership with children, families and the community is vital and allows all stakeholders to be active and involved in each child’s learning. At Guliyali, we value high expectations through being a responsible, respectful and engaged community.