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Preschool Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Guliyali Preschool

Guliyali Preschool Procedures follow the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care and the NSW Department of Education standards, policies and guidelines.


Guliyali Preschool has developed additional procedures to support the implementation of policies for our local setting. Our Procedures are available for access to all families, staff and volunteers on the Woy Woy Public School Website, Preschools StoryPark, in a folder at Guliyali Preschools foyer and the school Principal and Preschool Assistant Principal have these procedures documented.  


The following documents are the Procedures for Guliyali Preschool. To access these Procedures just click on the file name below:

Admin of Medication (pdf 581 KB)


Dealing with Complaints (pdf 191 KB)


Dealing with Infect Disease (pdf 388 KB)


Dealing with Medical Cond (pdf 192 KB)


Delivery & Collection child (pdf 280 KB)


Environment Sustainable (pdf 275 KB)


Excursions (pdf 378 KB)


Governance (pdf 288 KB)


Incident,Injury,Trauma,Ill (pdf 321 KB)


Interactions with Children (pdf 627 KB)


Payment of Fees (pdf 378 KB)


Physical Activity (pdf 342 KB)


Provide a child safe enviro (pdf 276 KB)


Rest & Relaxation (pdf 271 KB)


Staffing (pdf 295 KB)


Sun Protection (pdf 357 KB)


Acc & Ref of Authorisation (pdf 499 KB)


Admin of First Aid (pdf 320 KB)


Transition to School (pdf 262 KB)


Water Safety (pdf 314 KB)


Emergency and Evacuation (pdf 944 KB)


Enrolment and Orientation (pdf 286 KB)