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Aspire Home Reading Program

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Home Reading is an integral part of the Woy Woy Public School reading program. This is an opportunity to share the experience of reading with your child. Sharing reading is one way to promote a positive attitude towards reading and to develop reading skills.

Many students are currently enjoying the new books that they have earned for reading for 100 nights in the Aspire Home Reading Program. Well done to all of those students. These students have been invited to select a book that they can take home and keep as their reward for their consistent efforts.

Congratulations to classes 1CP and KW. Each of these classes have 9 students that have already read for 100 nights.

We have some exciting news with regards to Home Reading. Recently we purchased a large range of new titles for students to choose from, to reward them for reading every night. Below is a sample of some of the new titles.

Home Reading Rewards:


25 nights- a book mark

50 nights- certificate

75 nights- a book mark

100 nights- a certificate and a book to keep

125 nights- a book mark

150 nights- certificate

175 nights- a book mark

200 nights- a certificate and a book to keep

225 nights- a book mark

250 nights- certificate and a medallion to be awarded at the end of year Presentation assembly.