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Our Preschool Program & Routines

Preschool Routines 



To help our children feel safe, secure, and supported at our Preschool, could you please follow the following procedures each day your child attends school:

  • LABEL, LABEL, LABEL EVERYTHING!!!! Drink bottle, all food items, lunch boxes, hat, spare clothing bag and library bag. Having your child's name clearly printed on all of their belongings assists staff in identifying possessions and lessens lost property.
  • Place your child's lunch in an insulated cooler bag with a freezer block to keep it cool. A fridge is also available if required. Please notify an Educator if you need to use the fridge.
  • Encourage and help your child to place their drink bottle, lunch box and bag on the correct shelves at their locker.
  • Provide at least one change of clothes in your child's bag. Children become anxious when having to borrow clothes that are unfamiliar to them and having their own things makes them feel more relaxed and secure. These clothes are for small toileting accidents, water play and getting dirty during outside play. Please make sure all clothes are labeled including winter jumpers.


  • Arrive between 8:50am and 9.30am. Formal preschool routine starts at 9.15am.
  • Unpack children's belongings, bags in allocated locker. Place drink bottle on top shelf.
  • Make sure your child has their hat. If they don't, notify the Educator so they can provide a spare hat for the day.
  • Sign your child in. The requirement for this is the time you arrived, ‘Y' (yes) for applying sunscreen and your signature. If you have not applied sunscreen it is located on the second shelf at the sign-in shelf. You must apply sunscreen on your child. If you do not have time, notify an educator and they will do this for you.
  • Take your child to an activity.

The morning program time is a great opportunity for you to interact with your child or other parents/carers. It is also a good time to ask your child's Educator any questions you may have about the program or your child's progress. If you find your child's Educator is busy settling children or with another task please feel free to write in the ‘comments' section of your child's name that you need time to speak when it is more convenient. The Educator reads this section by 9:40am and will respond to you either by phone or in person in the afternoon.

  • When you are ready to leave, please say goodbye to your child and assure them of your return in the afternoon. Tell or signal a staff member that you are leaving.

If your child is unsettled at drop-off time, please be guided by the suggestions of the staff, as they are very experienced with individual children's separation needs. If your child doesn't settle within a reasonable time frame staff will always contact you to discuss. If you are concerned, please feel free to phone the preschool at any time throughout the day to hear how your child is doing.


  • Arrive between 2.40pm and 2:50pm. The preschool is not licensed to have children in attendance after 3pm.
  • Gather your child's belongings from their locker.
  • Check the Guliyali Preschool Curriculum page; communicate with the Educator if you have any suggestions.
  • Read the Daily Reflection.
  • Collect your child from the classroom.
  • Tell/signal a staff member that you are leaving.
  • Sign your child out and make sure you check the ‘comments' section next to your child's name.

The afternoon pick-up time is generally a busy time for staff as they are actively supervising children either in a small group or at quiet activities. The staff must focus their attention on keeping the children engaged and interested while they are awaiting the arrival of their parents/carers. If you need to speak in-depth to a staff member about your child's progress it is best to arrange a time that is more convenient to both of you. When a staff member's attention is drawn away from the children they are supervising it becomes unsettling for the children and a risk to their safety.

Please ensure you exit the classroom and preschool grounds in a timely manner so as not to unsettle the remaining children. The Educators are not responsible for the supervision of your child once you have signed them out of the service, you must ensure close supervision of your child whilst exiting the preschool.