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COVID-19 'Social Distancing' Measures

WEDNESDAY 6th MAY 2020 Here at Woy Woy Public School we are so looking forward to the return of our students next week, starting from 11th May 2020, for their one day a week. Their excitement and smiles will be a welcome change and our workplace will once again be a busy and happy place. As we transition our students back to school we know we must take every precaution to ensure their wellbeing and safety as well as that of our school staff. Extra school cleaning, sanitising and signage. The school has had an extra allocation of cleaning time from the Department of Education to support the regular cleaning of indoor surfaces for students as well as a cleaning specialist sent in for an extra 3 hours a day to keep outdoors surfaces around the school sanitised as well. The school has been supplied with extra equipment and products and signage has been added around the school as a timely reminder to all of us to be careful and keep everyone and ourselves safe and well. Social distancing and hygiene requirements.


Students will be separated accordingly during face to face teaching times and on playground breaks. Every time a student leaves a classroom and returns they will wash hands thoroughly and teachers will have students wash hands at given times throughout the day. All work surfaces in classrooms will be wiped with disinfectant twice daily. Staff will be practising strict social distancing and hygiene practices with students as well as reminding and teaching our students about distance safety and best hygiene practice.


Staff now have in place safety practices on site to keep them safe and well. Separate staff room areas will be used to limit group numbers being together. Staff working with students with special needs will wear some protective attire as will our office staff when attending to sick children in the sick bay. Please know you will be expected to take your child home if they show any symptoms of being unwell and please do not send them to school if they are unwell. Other staff may choose to wear protective equipment when necessary. All staff areas are now set up for social distancing and all meetings are done using social distancing and Microsoft Teams is used for large meetings. Contact is limited.


Parents have always been welcome in our school and we know that the changes that are going to be place do limit our capacity to be a socially enjoyable community school at present, but we also know that it is for everyone’s safety. We are requesting that you do very quick drop offs and pickups. Older children (Years 3-6) can be responsible enough to bring themselves into the school from the school gates. Younger children from Kindergarten to Year 2 may need you to bring them into the school grounds. Seating areas have been arranged for students to wait for drop off and pick up on the silver seats under the COLA and they will be safe to leave for their teacher to collect when the school bell goes for the start of school or for you to collect them when the bell goes for the end of school.

All children will need to have their bags with them in the mornings. No entry to classrooms or hallways before school will be allowed. No impromptu parent teacher discussions can occur at this time and we are asking you not to approach your child’s teachers for a chat at classroom doors. You can leave a message for your child’s teacher on Classroom Dojo or Google classroom. If you do need an appointment with your teacher face to face then this can be arranged at a suitable time for both parties and a suitable room space adhering to social distancing can be provided. Please limit your time on school grounds, stay in the allocated areas and arrive and exit the school grounds quickly.

A wave and a smile is always welcome because we do miss you but we want us all to be safe. All other school matters can be sorted out at the school office and we are more than happy to support you with any needs you might have.

If we all do our bit then we will all be able to be together and enjoy our children learning at school once again. Can’t wait to see our students returning. Take care and keep safe Ona Buckley and Dan Betts

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