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Stage 3 Overnight Excursion 2020

As you are aware, the previously planned overnight excursions for this year (Yr6- ‘Canberra’; Yr5 ‘The Zoo’) have been cancelled, as they were due to occur during the Covid 19 Virus lockdown early this term. However, we have managed to secure a booking for all Stage 3 students for a 3 day excursion at the ‘Tea-Gardens Great Aussie Bush Camp’. At present we are preparing the necessary administration for this excursion to occur late Term 3, at a cost of $316 per student. We are waiting for DET clearance for overnight excursions to go ahead before we send formal information home for students to attend. Deposits already paid for the previous excursion can be used for this camp. This message is to inform you of our intentions and provide you with the opportunity to prepare your budget if permission is granted by the DET to proceed.